wifi -70dB vs wifi -50dBm

This page on wifi -70dB vs wifi -50dBm describes the terms wifi -70dB and wifi -50dBm. It also provides relationship between dB and dBm.

As we know wifi stands for wireless fidelity. The term basically refers to any local area network(LAN) which uses high frequency radio waves to transmit and receive the data over short distances in the order of few hundred feet. It is also referred by the term WLAN i.e. Wireless LAN. The WLAN uses ethernet protocols.

The WLAN based products follow specifications outlined in IEEE 802.11 standard. There are various variants of this family of 802.11. It includes 802.11a, 11b, 11g, 11n, 11ac, 11ad and so on. These different variants are developed to meet different data rate and coverage distance requirements. Refer MiFi Vs WiFi and WLAN Tutorial for more detailed information.

What is Wifi -70dB

The wifi term is described above. The second term mentioned here is -70dB. Let us understand dB first. dB refers to decibal. It is the ratio of two powers or voltages or currents.

It is expressed as dB = Log 10 ( P2/P1)
Here P2 and P1 refers to power at two different points.

-70dB refers to the path loss incurred by radio frequency waves while travelling from transmitter to the receiver. Wifi -70dB refers to path loss incurred by the radio waves emitted by WLAN compliant RF device.

What is wifi -50dBm

The term wifi is already been described. The second term mentioned is -50dBm. Let us understand dBm. The dBm term refers to relative power measurement with reference to 1 milliwatt.

It is expressed as dBm = 10 * Log10 (Power in milliwatt/ 1 mw)

-50dBm refers to the sensitivity of any RF receiver upto the level it works satisfactory and meet the necessary system BER (Bit Error Rate) requirement. It can also refer to the power measurement at various points inside the WiFi device or in the WLAN system. WiFi -50dBm refers to the receiver sensivity of value -50dBm of any wifi compliant device.

Refer dB Vs dBm which mentions relation between dB, dBm and dBW.

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