What is Zigbee RF4CE?

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RF4CE referred as Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics. This consortium has been formed in 2009. RF4CE consortium and Zigbee alliance agreed to work for a standard to take care of radio frequency remote control of various consumer devices such as TVs, Audio devices, set-top boxes and so on.

Zigbee RF4CE network
fig.1, Typical Zigbee based RF4CE network

Zigbee RF4CE protocol stack utilizes 2.4GHz transceiver compliant to 802.15.4 for remote control devices and their targets (audio and video devices). The second RF4CE application profile is introduced in 2012 compliant to zigbee standard. Figure-1 depicts the inside modules in a Zigbee RF4CE remote controller device used to control the TV/LCD. It also depicts control of DVD and Set Top Box(STB) using RC(Remote control).

Zigbee RF4CE frame
fig.2 Zigbee Frame

Zigbee frame composed of header, payload and footer. Header consists of frame control,frame counter,profile identifier,vendor identifier. Footer part carry message integrity code.

Silent features of ZigBee RF4CE:

•    2.4GHz frequency of operation over three channels
•    compliant to IEEE 802.15.4
•    power saving feature
•    Multi star topology with Inter-PAN communication
•    Utilizes AES-128 security standard
•    simple RC control profile
•    Transmission options viz. broadcast, unicast, unacknowledged , acknowledged, un-secured and secured are supported.
•    Pairing mechanism supported


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