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This page describes Z-wave basics and Z-wave product manufacturers. Z-wave is one of the Personal Area Network(PAN) technology used. Z-wave proprietary wireless communication protocol is designed for home automation similar to zigbee.

It uses low power wireless communication technology, designed to control home based electronic products using remote control and smoke alarm . It is used for low overhead command e.g. lighting,entertainment and household stuff. This technology is developed by zensys that owned sigma designs. The standard is not open and available to zensys consumer under non-disclose agreement. It operates other than 2.4 GHz frequency band at 900 MHz band and it is less sensitive to interference. 900 MHz signal is stronger and transmit through longer distances piercing through walls, floors, and ceiling with more power compare to 2.4 GHz signal.

System Specifications

•  Works at 868.42 MHz (in Europe) and 908.42 MHz MHz (in US) frequency range
•  Data rate(bandwidth) is about 9.6, 40, 200 kbps
•  Modulation is GFSK in the 900MHz ISM band
•  Range is about 30 meter(indoors) and 100 meters(outdoors)
•  Home automation and security

z-wave network

Refer z-wave tutorial➤ for more.

z-wave product manufacturers

z-wave transceiver chip manufacturer, Sigma Designs- www.sigmadesigns.com

z-wave transceiver chip manufacturer, Mitsumi USA.
Website- www.mitsumi.com

Vesternet ltd., Liverpool,Merseyside,UK.
They offer starter kits on z-wave technology to convert your Home to automated Home.Website- www.vesternet.com.

MK Electric - www.mkelectric.com

European z-wave manufacturers
Wintop Electric
Remotec Technology Ltd
Everspring Industry Co. LTD
GreenWave Reality
Secure Controls,UK
Prodrive B.V.
Aeon Labs
Horstmann Controls
BeNeXt B.V.
NorthQ APS

USA z-wave product manufacturers
Ingersoll Rand Securities Technologies
Airline Mechanical Co., LTD.
Jasco Products Company
Evolve Guest Controls
Leviton Manufacturing, Inc.



Z-wave discussions and view points- https://www.z-wave.com/modules/Forum/

Z-Wave Alliance- www.z-wavealliance.com

z-wave basic resources

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