What is Lightwave RF?

Lightwave RF is the technology through which Home automation can be done. It operates on 433.92 MHz frequency band.

A simple LightwaveRF network comprised of controllers and slaves. The slaves are directly controlled by controllers to a distance of 15meter(indoor) and 30 meter(outdoor). Typically 64 devices are supported in a network. Each device is paired with 6 controllers(or sensors).

The coverage range can be extended using LightwaveRF boosters. As the application of these lightwave RF compliant devices are limited within the small home or area no routing protocol is implemented in lightwaveRF.

No acknowledgement is provided by the slave devices to the controllers and hence there is no way to check the transmitted message has been received or not. WiFi link has been added to the lightwaveRF system so that the devices can be controlled using smartphone or Laptop using internet.

Specifications LightwaveRF Support
Frequency of operation(MHz) 433.92
Network Support Mesh is not supported, both controllers and slaves directly communicate without any routing
Coverage distance 15 meters(in indoor)and 30 meters(in outdoor)
Max. number of devices/controllers 64 , each device connects with 6 controllers.
Communication direct, 2-way communication not supported

Using this technology user can monitor/control house-hold items e.g. lighting and power products (dimmer,socket,CFR bulb,LED light,energy monitor,energy saver), heating products, air conditioner, door entry products (door switch), audio, video and security. It also control your PC,smartphone and iPhone products using LightwaveRF Wifi link using one and only lightwave RF enabled control device such as remote control.

Mostly the lightwaveRF products are available to UK customers as they have UK style sockets.LightwaveRF home automation is very cheaper and one can have full functional network with a cost of just 20 to 30£

LightwaveRF Product manufacturers

Various LightwaveRF products span from controllers, sockets, switches, accessories, heating, Bulbs, sensors, Door Chimes etc. Following are the popular manufacturers.

Each Lightwave RF product will have green LightwaveRF symbol with tilde sign within the circle.

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This page explains what a lightwave RF technology is all about and provides useful links.

Difference between lightwaveRF and z-wave

This page covers technical features of LightwaveRF and z-wave technologies and mention basic difference between LightwaveRF and z-wave. Refer LightwaveRF Versus Z-wave for more.

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