What is data rate?

Data rate is basically the rate at which data is transferred from one place to the other through wired or wireless medium. To measure data rate one need to consider how much time it took to transfer so much of data from one point(source) to the other point(destination).

Data rate = Number of bytes transferred/Total time taken(second).

It is specified in Mbps or Mega bits per second.

Following table summarizes downlink and uplink data rate of various wireless technologies which include GSM,GPRS,HSCSD,EDGE,WCDMA,HSPA,CDMA,CDMA2000,TD-SCDMA and LTE.

Typical Data rate of wireless technologies

Wireless Technology Downlink Data Rate(Mbps) Uplink Data Rate(Mbps)
GSM 0.0096 0.0096
GPRS (4R1T) 0.08 (4 time slots) 0.02 ( 1 time slot)
HSCSD ( 3R1T) 0.0432 ( 3 time slots) 0.0144 ( 1 time slot)
EDGE (4R1T) 0.2368 (4 time slots) 0.0592 (1 time slot)
EDGE Evolution (8R6T) 1.89 ( 8 time slots) 1.42 (6 time slots)
WCDMA R99 0.384 0.384
HSPA 14.4 5.76
HSPA+ Dual cell HSDPA
bandwidth of 10MHz
with 64QAM,2x2MIMO
84.4 23
CDMA (as per IS-95-B) 0.1152 0.0096
CDMA 2000(as per EVDO Rev B) 4.9 N, N is no. of subcarriers
that are used as per
1.25MHz BW. modulation
type 64QAM(downlink)
1.8 N
TD-SCDMA (single carrier
HSPA+ with 64QAM modulation)
8.4 5
LTE(BW of 20MHz,modulation of 64QAM and 4x4 MIMO ) 345.6 86.4

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