What is VCO tuning constant | VCO tuning methods

This page covers VCO tuning constant and mentions VCO tuning methods. It also mentions links to VCO basics and VCO types.

VCO is an oscillator whose frequency can be varied by voltage or current. VCO has tuning constant designated often as KVCO which is specified in Hz/Volt or Hz/Ampere. This constant is also known as VCO gain.

VCO tuning constant

The figure depicts the same VCO tuning constant. For example if tuning range is 2.4 GHz to 2.483 GHz as per bluetooth standard and if tuning voltage range is 2.7 Volt.
➨For this case, tuning constant is equal to { ((2.483-2.4)x103)/2.7 }= 30.7 MHz/Volt.

The phrase tuning constant is deceptive as it becomes larger when tuning range is increased and so on.

Basics of VCO types and VCO tuning methods


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