What is RF Phase Trimmer | RF Phase Trimmer Types

This page covers RF phase trimmer basics and depicts rf phase trimmer circuit used to phase shift the RF signal. RF Phase trimmer types such as fixed, variable, analog and digital are explained.

RF phase trimmer is a device which changes phase of the input RF signal to the desired phase at the output. While performing phase shift, it incurs minimum attenuation to the input signal. The phase adjustment range is function of frequency.

It is used for phase matching between two systems or between two cable where it is very much essential. It is being applied in high speed digital lines, high frequency communications and broadband applications.

Depending upon phase adjustment, RF phase trimmer types are classified as follows:
➨Fixed: It provides fixed value of phase shift between input and output ports.
➨Variable: It provides variable change in phase shift between input and output ports.

RF Phase Trimmer Types | Analog and Digital

RF phase shifter

Depending upon components used in its construction, RF phase trimmers are of two types viz. analog and digital.

The figure-1 depicts analog type RF phase trimmer. As shown it consists of R and C components in the construction. One RC network provides 45 degree of phase shift between input and output. Likewise it provides total 0 degree of phase shift between the two outputs.

The analog type phase trimmers are available for frequencies up to 18 GHz.

Digital phase trimmers are designed using PIN diodes. It uses digital control and based on which input RF signal is routed via different electrical lengths. This provides different phase shift values.

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