What is Google Fiber Phone

The Fiber Phone service which utilizes optical fiber cable for its operation and launched by Google is referred as Google Fiber Phone. The company has started offering the telephone service with this new technology based concept.

With this effort Google is entering deep into the telecom market to serve phone users with latest technologies at affordable cost and with more features. Now-a-days users are looking options to leverage affordable data features over voice. They are even looking for voice transmission over internet highway due to cheaper cost advantages. Google Fiber Phone will make this possible for them.

The Fiber phone is simple alternative to the landline service provided by many telephone service providers. In this concept, subscribers can either use the same existing number or have a new number and hooked on to the cloud based phone service. The concept also brings mobile phone features to the existing landline service. Figure is used for representation purpose only.

Google Fiber Phone

Google Fiber Phone Service Features

Following are the features of Google Fiber Phone Service:
• Un-limited texts/calls nationwide
• Caller-ID, Call-Waiting
• 911 emergency calls
• calls as per international rates similar to Google Voice
• TV and internet service
• Charges: $10 / Month

How to Subscribe for Google Fiber Phone Service

➨Fill out the form with the details such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Street Address, Apartment Number, City, State and postal or zip code.
➨After filling the details, click on "Submit" button.
➨Form can be filled out at following link.
Fiber Phone Request Form➤➤.

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