Microwave Coaxial and Waveguide attenuator

The attenuators are basically passive devices which control power levels in microwave system by absorpsion of the signal. Attenuator which attenuates the RF signal in a waveguide system is referred as waveguide attenuator. There are two main types fixed and variable. They are achieved by insertion of resistive films.

coaxial line attenuator

Fig.1 coaxial line attenuator
This figure depicts coaxial line based fixed type of attenuator. Here resistive film is fixed at the centre conductor which absorb the power and as a result of power loss and hence microwave signal gets attenuated. This is referred as coaxial line attenuator.

waveguide attenuator

Fig.2 waveguide attenuator
This figure depicts waveguide based fixed type of attenuator. Here thin dielectric strip with coated resistive film is placed at the centre of waveguide. Film is placed in the waveguide parallel to the maximum E field.

In a variable type of waveguide attenuator, resistive vane is moved from one side of the wall to the centre by using screw where E field is considered to be maximum. This resistive film is shaped to give linear attenuation variation.

Waveguide attenuator manufacturers

Following are manufacturers of waveguide attenuators of various types. It covers low power, high power, fixed and variable types for wide range of frequencies. It covers attenuation range from 0 to 40 dB and more. These manufacturers also manufacture waveguide switch, waveguide adapter and other useful waveguide components.
•  Waveguide Solution Limited, UK.
•  Flann Microwave Ltd.
•  Advanced Technical Materials Inc.
•  Millitech Inc.
•  Elmika, Lithuania
•  CERNEX, Inc.
•  Keysight Technologies
•  Vector Telecom
•  Pivotone Communication Technologies,Inc.
•  Microwave Communications Laboratories, Inc.
•  Microlab, A Wireless Telecom Group Company.
•  Wenteq Microwave Corporation
•  Zysen Technology Co., Ltd.
•  RF Com Limited
•  Antenna Systems and Solutions


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