RF Transceiver basics

This page covers rf transceiver basics including its applications and specifications and provide manufacturers of rf transceiver.


Transceiver is the term used for device which houses both transmitter and receiver in single module. Such device which transmits and receives Radio Frequency (RF) signal is called as RF Transceiver. Mostly RF Transceiver position is between Baseband MODEM and PA/LNA in any wireless communication system. PA stands for Power amplifier and LNA stands for Low noise amplifier. Baseband Modem houses chipsets of various analog/digital modulation techniques and ADC/DAC chips.

rf transceiver


RF Transceiver is in use when the wireless communication has been started. Its main application is to make information in the form of voice/data/video suitable to be transmitted over the wireless medium. RF Transceiver is used to convert IF frequency to RF frequency and vice versa. It is used in satellite communication, for radio transmission and reception,for television signal transmission and reception, and in wimax/wlan/zigbee/lte networks.


RF Transceiver is made up to RF Mixers, amplifiers, pads and other RF components using microstrip technology. Transmitter part is called as RF Up converter and receiver part as RF Down converter. Refer our page on Design of RF frequency Converter to understand rf transceiver basics.

RF Transceiver Technical specifications

There are so many parameters related to RF Transceiver, we will discuss few of these.
Transmitter part- input and output frequency range, conversion gain, gain flatness, gain adjustment, spurious and harmonics output,1dB compression point, frequency stability.
Receiver part- input and output frequency range, conversion gain, gain flatness,gain adjustment, noise figure, spurious output,Image rejection, frequency stability,adjacent and non adjacent channel rejection.
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