RF choke

This page covers RF choke basics and also list out manufacturers of RF choke used in RF design.

Radio Frequency choke or RF choke is the component used to block radio frequencies and to pass audio as well as DC frequencies. This is explained below with the equation.

Impedance of RF choke XL= 2*pi*f*L
Where f is the frequency, for RF it will provide more impedance and hence will block RF.
For audio and DC it will provide less impedance and hence will pass RF.

RF Choke

RF choke is mainly used to block EMI (Electro-magnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio frequency Interference) from power supply lines to high frequency RF circuits.

RF choke manufacturers

•  Coil craft
•  Minicircuits Inc.
•  Jameco Electronics
•  EPCOS, { RF, vhf, power line, data and signal line choke manufacturer}
•  Associated Components Technology
•  Delta Electronics Inc {suppression type choke manufacturer}
•  muRata
•  Murata
•  N.N. Electronics { RF choke coil manufacturer}
•  Bourns Inc. {through hole and axial lead type RF chokes}

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