Optical components

This page describes function of optical components and mention manufacturers/vendors.It include transmitter, detector,optical coupler, isolator, circulator, switches, amplifier, filter, equalizer,connectors, multiplexer, de-multiplexer etc.

optical components

Optical Transmitter:

Optical transmitter converts information signal into the light signal suitable to be transmitted over fiber optic cable. LED and Laser devices are used for the purpose, READ MORE.

Optical detector:

Converts light waves into the form suitable to be interpreted to the user in the form as desired. Photo diode does this conversion as desired.


Optical coupler

It couples or routes light signal to the place where it is needed either for measurement purpose or for some other input. READ MORE.

Optical isolator

This optical component basically routes the light signal in one direction and blocks the light signal in the other direction, READ MORE.

Optical circulator

It is also similar to the isolator, but it has 3 ports. They are either clockwise type or anticlockwise type. They are basically used to form bi-directional optical fiber link, READ MORE.

Optical switches

Switches have wide variety of applications; one among them is route the traffic on secondary standby optical fiber in the case of failures on the primary optic fiber cable, READ MORE.

Optical Amplifier

This optical component amplifies the optical signal either directly or converting it into the electrical form, READ MORE.


It filters the desired signal and reject unwanted optical signals, READ MORE.


It equalizes the gain of different wavelength optical signals so that cascading of amplifier stages is possible, READ MORE.

Optical multiplexer de-multiplexer

This optical component multiplexes and de-multiplexes the signal provided as input. By multiplexing we can achieve high bandwidth optical signal. De-multiplexing results into smaller bandwidth optical signals, READ MORE.

Optic connectors

Various types of connectors are used in fiber optic communication systems for various functions.

Optical Components

Optical Isolator
Optical Circulator
Optical Amplifier
Optical Filter
Optical Coupler
Optical Equalizer
Optical Switch
Wavelength converter

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