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About National Instruments

National Instruments is US based company with headquarter in Austin,Texas. The main business is software for various applications which include test automation and instrumentation control. It builds library for vector signal generation and analysis for various cutting age technologies such as wimax,wlan, zigbee and more. The advantage of buying products from National Instruments is the support customers will get with NI offices based throughout the world.

It has various software products such as Labview,PXI,DAQ,VXI,Teststand.Multisim, measurement studio and LabWindows/CVI.

It also design and manufacture PXI based RF VSG and RF VSA. It also has various hardware products such as USB-6008,cDAQ-9188,cRIO-9074,GPIB-USB-HS,NI9237 and NI9205.

About Labview

Labview is the graphical programming language mainly used in test automation and instrument control applications. It is also used for test and measurement of various wireless devices as per IEEE standards such as WLAN,WiMAX,Zigbee and more. For more on Labview refer following tutorial and links on labview.


Labview Programming basics Tutorial - This Labview programming language tutorial covers Labview basics, data type supported in labview and example implementation using labview programming.
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What a labview is

•   What is Labview

Labview download

Latest version of labview software can be downloaded from national Instruments following link:

Useful Links to Labview Source codes

Refer following as well as links mentioned on left side panel for useful labview source codes.

Hex to Binary labview VI      Decimal to Binary labview VI
Number Generator labview VI      Binary to Decimal labview VI
Binary number generator     modulator-demodulator
FFT     up and down sample

RF and Wireless Terminologies