difference between Multilayer capacitor,multilayer inductor

This page on multilayer capacitor vs multilayer inductor mentions basics of multilayer capacitor and multilayer inductor.

Multilayer capacitor

multilayer capacitor

Multilayer chip capacitors are available in the same package styles as chip resistors. Standard values range from 0.5 pF up to microfarads, with some special products available in the tenths of picofarads. Parallel plate capacitors are available with typically lower maximum capacitance for a given size.

Multilayer chip capacitors are a sandwich of many thin electrodes between dielectric layers. The end terminations connect to alternating electrodes as shown in the figure-1 above. A wide variety of dielectric materials are available for these capacitors such as NPO, X7R or Z5U.

Figure-1 depicts parallel plate capacitor, multilayer capacitor and equivalent circuit.

Multilayer inductor

multilayer inductor

Inductors are typically printed on the PCB or surface mount chips. The wire inductors have their maximum current determined by the ampacity of the wire or trace while inductors made on ferrite or iron cores will saturate the core if too much current is applied to it.

Surface mount inductors come in the same sizes as chip resistors and capacitors. Multilayer chip inductors use 805 and smaller packages with a maximum inductance of 470 nH. Although the self-resonance frequency of these inductors is high because of the few turns involved, the dielectric loading of the sandwich makes the resonance lower than that of an equivalent wound inductor.

Figure-2 depicts wound inductor, multilayer inductor and equivalent circuit.

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