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Monopole antenna vs Dipole antenna-difference between monopole antenna and dipole antenna

This page on monopole antenna vs dipole antenna describes difference between monopole antenna and dipole antenna.

The monopole and dipole antennas are used for cellular phones, broadcasting and wireless communications due to their omni-directional property.

Monopole antenna

Monopole antenna

Figure-1 depicts monopole antenna with its radiation pattern. It also depicts folded monopole antenna. The monopole antenna has image through a metal or ground plane.

There are variations to monopole antenna which will provide antennas of inverted-L and inverted-F types. These type of monopole antennas are used for hand held portable telephones.

Dipole antenna

Dipole antenna

Figure-2 depicts dipole antenna with its radiation pattern. It also depicts folded dipole antenna. The most common dipole antenna is a half-wave dipole which is a piece of wire or rod which is one half wavelength in length. The antenna is cut into two quarter wavelength sections. The transmission line is connected at center point as shown. The dipole antenna has an impedance of about 73 Ohm.

Most of the half wave dipole antennas are mounted horizontally to the earth and hence will be horizontally polarized. The radiation pattern of half wave dipole antenna has shape of doughnut. For multiple of lambda radiation pattern changes as shown in the figure-2.

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