Medical frequency spectrum including WMTS frequency bands

This page of RF Wireless World covers medical frequency spectrum including WTMS frequency bands. Following Table-1 covers medical frequency spectrum including both unlicensed and dedicated bands.

Medical Frequency Band Description
174 to 216 MHz Wireless medical telemetry used for healthcare
470 to 608 MHz -As above-
614 to 668 MHz -As above-
608 to 614 MHz,1395 to 1400 MHz, 1427 to 1432 MHz WMTS Bands
402 to 405 MHz Medical Implant Communication Service(MICS) bands
433.05 to 434.79 MHz Europe Unlicensed
868 to 870 MHz Europe Unlicensed
902 to 928 MHz US unlicensed ISM
2400 to 2483.5 MHz Unlicensed ISM
4940 to 4990 MHz Public safety in US
5150 to 5350 MHz ISM unlicensed
5470 to 5825 MHz ISM unlicensed
Table-1: Medical frequency bands

Wireless Medical Telemetry Service-WMTS frequency bands

Following is the WMTS frequency bands used for Wireless Medical Telemetry Service.

WMTS Frequency Band Description
608 to 614 MHz (6MHz BW)
1395 to 1400 MHz (5MHz BW)
1427 to 1432 MHz (5MHz BW)
WMTS Bands
202.65 to 205.15 MHz (2.5 MHz BW) WMTS in New Zealand
420.05-430, 440-449.6625 MHz
420.0625-430, 440-449.6375 MHz
420.075-430, 440-449.6 MHz
420.1-430, 440-449.525 MHz
420.3-430, 440-449.425 MHz
Type A: 8.5 KHz
Type B: 8.5kHz < BW < 16kHz
Type C: 16kHz < BW < 32kHz
Type D: 32kHz < BW < 64kHz
Type E: 64kHz < BW < 320kHz
( WMTS bands in Japan)
Table-2: WMTS frequency bands

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