Medical RF Applications

This page describes medical RF applications.It covers use of radio frequency(RF) for various medical devices.

Radio Frequency is a form of electrical energy which has frequency range from 300KHz to 1MHz. RF energy has many applications in medical domain such as vision correction, liver cancer treatment, treatment of sleep apnea and snoring, skin tightening and other cosmetic surgeries etc.

RF is used for the medical treatment due to following features:

• RF energy is easily absorbed in the body compare to other surgical methods.
• It does not produce more heat sensation compare to other medical techniques.
• RF has lower operating temperature.
• Only the affected parts are treated with proper marking before the treatment.
• RF energy works well on connective tissue comprised of collagen and shrinks while in contact with the heat.

Following are the medical RF applications widely used for treatment of human beings.

• Vision Correction:This technique uses controlled release of RF energy to reshape the cornea and hence correct the vision. This is carried out in less than 3 minutes. There will not be any cutting and no removal of the tissue parts.

• Liver Cancer treatment:In this technique canverous parts are heated using RF energy to the temperature of about 100 degree celcius and hence destroys the cancer cells.

• treatment of snoring: RF energy is used to reduce the size of affected tonsil when it causes airway blockage resulting into snoring.

• Cosmetic Surgery:This medical RF application is used for skin tightening as well as plastic surgery. It has wide use in medical dermatology. Refer RF skin tightening as mentioned below.

• Treatment of rapid heartbeat syndrome: RF ablation method is employed for such treatment. This will treat the area which produces extra impulses causing the rapid heartbeats.

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