Forward Error Correction (FEC)

This page describes forward error correction and its application and mention matlab codes for different forward error correction techniques.

Forward Error Correction is the module used in wireless communication to correct errors at the receiver end. These errors must have occurred due to interference, noise or various impairments in the medium between transmitter and receiver. It is also referred as short form FEC.

As the name suggests this module avoids retransmission of the corrupted data as it helps in correcting the errors at the receiver.

forward error correction

FEC is not bandwidth efficient as it adds some amount of data as overhead at the transmitter end.

FEC is power efficient compare to its' non FEC counterpart as with the same transmit power one can achieve better BER in FEC based communication system.

There are many techniques invented to be used as forward error correction techniques such as Convolution coding, Turbo coding, BCH coding and more.

Error Correction related links

Convolutional encoder, turbo encoder, LDPC and RS encoder are used as error correction techniques in wireless communication chain. This avoids retransmission usually required when one use CRC techniques.

convolution encoder implementation with example, Read more.
Turbo encoder-This page covers CTC Encoder or Convolutional Turbo Encoder technique with rate 1 by 3 example used for forward error correction.
RS Encoder-This page covers RS Encoder i.e. reed solomon encoding basics with example.
CRC-This page covers CRC or Cyclic Redundancy Check.

error correction, detection Matlab souce code

Refer following links for matlab codes for convolutional encoder, CRC, reed solomon encoder, CTC encoder and more.
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