Electric circuit vs Magnetic circuit-Difference between Electric circuit and Magnetic circuit

This page on Electric circuit vs Magnetic circuit describes difference between Electric circuit and Magnetic circuit.

Electric Circuit Magnetic Circuit
What Flows is I What seems to flow is flux f
The Cause of flow of current is E.M.F. The Cause of Flow of flux is M.M.F.
Resistance to flow of current is offered by resistance (R) Resistance of flow of flux is offered by reluctance
Current=E.M.F/Resistance Flux=M.M.F./reluctance
(i)e.m.f. is expressed in volts (i)m.m.f. is expressed in ampere turns.
(ii)Current is expressed in amperes (ii)Flux is expressed in webers
(iii)Current density is expressed in Amp/m2 (iii) Flux density is expressed in wb/m2
Resistance R=1/sA where s is Conductivity Reluctance=1/mA where m is permeability
Conductance=1/Resistance Permeance=1/Reluctance
Conductivity=1/Resistivity Permeabilty=1/Reluctivity
Current in an electric circuit does actually flow Flux in a magnetic circuit does not actually flow
Energy is needed as long as the current flows. Energy is needed only to create magnetic flux but not to maintain it.
If temperature is constant, then resistance of electric circuit is Constant and it is independant of the current strength. For a particular temperature, the permeability (magnetic Conductivity) depends upon the total flux.


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