power divider vs power combiner

This page compares power divider vs power combiner and describes difference between power divider and power combiner.

The power divider is a device which splits input power fed at one port to smaller amounts of power at multiple ports. The power combiner is device which combines power fed at multiple ports. This summed up of the power is fed as output on one port. The same RF circuit designed for power divider can be used as power combiner by way of exchanging input and output ports. The figure below describes two way power divider with 3 port junction.

microstrip power divider

With even and odd mode analysis, it can be concluded that power applied at port 1 divides equally into port 2 and 3. Also voltage at port 2 and port 3 lags by 90 degree with input at port 1. This RF circuit can be used as 3 dB, 90 degree RF power divider. The same circuit can be used as RF power combiner when we fed power at port 2 and port 3 and fetch summed power from port 1.

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