Internet vs Intranet-Difference between Internet and Intranet

This page compares Internet vs Intranet and describes difference between Internet and Intranet.


Internet stands for Interconnected Network.It is a huge network of computers around the world (A network refers to a group of computers connected together). These computers are connected to each other by telephone wires,fiber optic cables,wireless technologies(GPRS,HSPA,LTE) or other means, enabling them to share information among each other. The internet also referred as a network of networks, is popularly called the net. In simple terms, it can be viewed as a huge storehouse of information.

Following are some of the benefits of the internet:
• We can get lot of infomations on any topic on the internet. It serves as an important source of information. Various popular search engines are available to search for any topic. The search engines are google,bing,yahoo,altavista,ASK and more. One need to go to the respective search engine website to search.
• We can send messages, known as E-mails, to any part of the world within a few seconds via the internet. For this one need to have email client installed in the system such as outlook express or need to use popular web sites providing free email account service such as yahoo mail,rediffmail,gmail and more.
• We can chat with people on the internet using various chat softwares google talk, yahoo messanger,skype and more.
• We can buy things on the internet using online shopping websites such as amazon,ebay,flipkart,snapdeal,homeshop18,myntra and more. These companies will take care of delivering the goods or items to respective buyer as per their address details registered with them.This is known as E-commerce.

Types of internet

There are different types of internet based on the way connection is provided to the user with the internet service provider(ISP) based on data speed requirement. Popular internet service providers in INDIA are Airtel,BSNL,TATA DOCOMO, Reliance and more. The popular types are dial up internet and broadband internet.
Dial-up: This type of internet uses existing telephone lines to provide internet connection using dial up modem at the speed of 56kbps.
Broadband: This type of internet uses DSL lines and wireless technologies(LTE,LTE Advanced) to provide data speed in Mbps with the help of DSL modem or cable modem or wireless dongles(modem).
As mentioned broadband internet is categorized into 1.Wired broadband internet  2.Wireless broadband internet and 3.Wireless mobile broadband inetrnet.


This term is intranet refers to network connection within an organization or between organizations. One of the example of this is corporate network which takes care of creation and maintenance of e-mail accounts of the employees of the organization. This is used to send and receive e-mails between them.It also refers to internal website within the organization to have latest updates,news,job openings,cultural activities and more about the company and business of the company to the employees.

This helps save lot of money and effort. It helps bring all together for one common mission and interest of the business. It helps business to be more productive and help deliver products on time.

An intranet can host multiple private websites. Both uses www,SSL protocols for web applications and SMTP,POP3 and IMAP protocols for email applications.

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