Simplex vs Duplex

This page compares Simplex vs Duplex and describes difference between Simplex communication and Duplex communication. Both are electronic communication types.

In Simplex communication, information travels only in one direction. There are many applications of simplex means of communication, common example is radio and TV broadcasting. Other applications are cable television,remote control,telemetry,radio astronomy,RFID,music services etc.

In Duplex communication, information travels in both the directions. In this there are two main types half duplex and full duplex. In half duplex information travels in both the directions, but one at a time. In full duplex communication, information travels simultaneously in both the directions. The most common application is telephone, where in both the users speak to each other. Other applications are facsimile,two way radio,radar,sonar,amateur radio, data communication, internet etc.

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