DFW vs SIW | difference between DFW and SIW

This page compares DFW vs SIW and mentions difference between DFW and SIW. DFW stands for Dielectric Filled Waveguide and SIW stands for Substrate Integrated Waveguide.

At higher frequencies, wavelengths are small. Due to this, microstrip manufacturing requires very tight tolerances and hence are not efficient. Hence waveguide devices are preferable over microstrip. Refer Microstrip vs Waveguide>>.

DFW | Dielectric Filled Waveguide

DFW-Dielectric Filled Waveguide

The figure-1 depicts DFW i.e. Dielectric Filled Waveguide. It consists of three layers with dielectric layer in between.

SIW | Substrate Integrated Waveguide

SIW-Substrate Integrated Waveguide

The figure-2 depicts SIW i.e. Substrate Integrated Waveguide. DFW is converted to SIW with the help of via holes on the side walls of the rectangular waveguide as shown. Here top and bottom planes are grounded. Due to use of via holes TM mode does not exist and TE mode exists in SIW. TE10 is used as dominant mode in SIW structure.

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