dBm vs dBmV vs dBuV

This page compares dBm vs dBmV vs dBuV and mention difference between dBm,dBmV and dBuV.

Input signal levels are specified as either mV or µV or nV. These units are large in magnitude and hence shorter version dBm,dBmV and dBuV is used instead to represent the same. There are two types of voltages viz. source voltage and potential difference(voltage difference).


Power in decibels relative to 1 milliWatt and dissipated in 50 Ohm resistance is referred as dBm.

Power in dBm = 10 Log (Pwatts /0.001)


It is used in TV receiver where in 75 ohm is used instead of 50 Ohm normally used in RF circuits. dBmV refers to signal voltage in decibels w.r.t. signal level of 1 milliVolt across 75 Ohm resistance.


dBuV refers to signal voltage measured in decibels relative to 1 microVolt across 50 Ohm resistance.

Substract 113 from dBmV to obtain dBm value. For example, 100dBmV = -13 dBm

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