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Analog Radio vs Digital Radio-Difference between analog radio and digital radio types

This page compares analog radio vs digital radio and mentions difference between analog radio and digital radio. We will compare the same with respect to two way radio system.

Digital radio offers all the features supported by analog radio. In addition, it introduces new features as well as enhances quality of the signal.

Specifications Analog radio Digital radio
Working Works on the principle of analog signals. These signals are sinusoidal continuous waves. Works on the principle of digital signals. These signals are binary in nature consisting of 1s and 0s.
Modulation Uses AM, FM, PM modulation types. Uses ASK, FSK, PSK modulation types.
Battery life shorter longer, about 30 to 50 % more than analog radio. This is due to the fact that digital radio transmitters are not continuously ON.
Removal of unwanted noise and voice Not Possible Possible with the use of advanced algorithms.
Advantages • It uses natural voice
• As it is older technology more variety of products are available for users.
• It uses bandwidth efficiently.
•  Multiple simultaneous talking paths are available
•  Bandwidth is more efficiently used compare to analog
•  Digital radio System removes background noise due to analog voice to digital voice samples conversion process.
• Many new applications are easily available here
Disadvantages • only 1 conversation is possible per channel.
• Analog radio systems can be enhanced with more features but it is difficult to change the technology.
• No software applications are available.
• Expensive
• Users need to learn all the new features in order to use them.
• Can produce errors in presence of more RF noise.

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