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This page describes zigbee based smart meter basics and provide list of Zigbee smart meter vendors or manufacturers. The smart meter based on Zigbee is not limited to just meter reading but it has many applications. Today electric meter, water meter, gas meter are available based on Zigbee technology.

We will take example of zigbee display which works with zigbee smart meter meant to read electricity consumption. Let us see how this works. The zigbee compliant display read the live data transmitted by zigbee transmitter interfaced with electric connection in the home. The display will cover distance of about 30 meter from smart meter. The live data gets refreshed once every 45 seconds. It provides estimation of bill amount including tariffs and consumption made.

Zigbee smart meter manufacturers,vendors

Following is the list of zigbee smart meter manufacturers.
•  Silicon Labs (Website-www.silabs.com),
•  Landis+Gyr, (Website-www.landisgyr.com), {zigbee smart meter}
•  Powertech Industrial Co.,Ltd (Website-www.power-tech.com.tw)
•  Southern California Edison(Website-https://www.sce.com/)
•  EnergyHub, Inc. {zigbee smart meter from Itron}
•  Rainforest Automation, Inc.{energy monitor, zigbee smart meter gateway}

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