Ionospheric bending basics | What is Ionospheric bending

This page describes ionospheric bending basics.

The ionosphere is a region, just above our atmosphere, were there are significant number of free electrons and ions. The number of ions and electrons are equal, hence there is no net charge.

Ionospheric Bending

• When a RF (Radio Frequency) signal travels into ionospheric layer, it experiences refraction due to differences in the density between layers.
• Radio wave experiences force from ions in ionospheric layer.
• If RF signal is incident at correct angle at this layer, it gets reflected back to our inner atmosphere due to total internal reflection.
• This phenomenon is utilized in mobile communication for radio frequency propagation.
• This ionospheric reflection is called as ionospheric bending.

Refer wireless propagation modes and Sky wave vs LOS wave vs ground wave for more information on different types of radio frequency propagation modes.


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