What is conductive paint | Electric paint

The ink or paint which conducts electricity is known as conductive paint or electric paint. It is used to provide conductive electric connections. It is created by infusing graphite or other conductive materials into ink or paint. It is similar to water based paint with only difference of providing electric conductivity path.

Conductive pens are available to repair or to add traces on circuit boards. It can be used to create conductive traces on glass, metal, plastic, paper, wood or epoxy based materials. Any electronic components such as resistors, LEDs, bulb leads, sensors can easily be connected with traces on the board or any electric circuit.

Conductive Paint, Electric paint

The figure depicts conductive paint from Bare Conductive, London. There are number of applications or DIY projects one can do using electric paint such as screen printing, painting of capacitive sensor, painting a talking poster, creating liquid switches and so on.

Silver made conductive paints or inks are used for printing RFID/NFC tags, repairing of PCBs, membrane boards, RF antennas in cars and so on.

Benefits or Advantages of conductive paint (Electric paint)

Following are the benefits or advantages of conductive paint (i.e. electric paint).
➨It offers cheaper way to create conductive traces compare to traditional methods such as copper etching.
➨Such paints are easily available for use everywhere. One can purchase online as well as offline. It can be purchased online from e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay etc.
➨It helps in repairing circuits and assembling components in less time compare to traditional methods.
➨It is less dangerous for kids and childrens to make their projects using such paints compare to electric soldering iron.
➨It helps in avoiding complex PCB manufacturing procedures in certain application based projects where more accuracy is not needed.

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