What is ROADM | Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop MUX in fiber

This page explains basic function of ROADM in fiber optic system.

As we know Optical Add Drop Multiplexer is used to combine or multiplex optical signals of different wavelengths. It is referred by its short form OADM. The same device can be used to remove or separate the optical signal from the optical input multiplexed signal.
Refer Optical ADM for more information.


The full form of ROADM is Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop MUX. It has function opposite to the fixed OADM mentioned above.

ROADM allows operators to change the wavelength of input and output optical signals of a optical switch or node.

Following are the advantages of the ROADM:
• The wavelength can be changed remotely.
• It reduces time during maintenance.
• It reduces labor cost
• It requires minimal optical equipments to change the optical network.

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