difference between Virtual IP Address and Logical IP Address | Virtual IP Address Vs Logical IP Address

This page compares virtual IP Address vs Logical IP Address and describes difference between Virtual IP Address and Logical IP Address.

Virtual IP Address

A virtual IP address can be configured either manually or using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). This address is shared among multiple routers in VRRP configuration. Due to this, when master router fails, other backup router provides IP internet connectivity to hosts connected on the LAN.

It can have either IPv4 or IPv6 format. Master router or IP address owner will have virtual ip address same as real logical IP address. Backup router virtual ip address is configured same as master router virtual ip address.

VRRP-Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

Refer VRRF protocol for more information.

Logical IP Address

Logical IP address is normal ip address assigned to any computer either in 32 bit or 128 bit size based on IPv4 or IPv6 formats. It is contained in IP header and used for routing the packet in the internet.
Refer What is an IP Address and IPv4 vs IPv6.

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