What is UPB-Universal Powerline Bus basics in IoT

This page covers basic features of UPB(Universal Powerline Bus) technology. It covers UPB concepts used in IoT(Internet of Things).

California based Powerline Control systems has developed new proprietary powerline communication technology known as UPB(Universal Powerline Bus). It is a protocol used for home automation. The technology uses powerline as means of signaling and control. It has been developed from the basic concepts of X10 standard. No technology is comparable to UPB in terms of reliability and cost per node.

Following are the major improvements achieved in UPB compare to X10 technology. These are the major points mentioning difference between UPB and X10.
• UPB is highly reliable. It is 100 to 1000 times more reliable compare to X10.
• No new wires needed and hence it is 100% powerline communication technology.
• It is affordable. The cost of implementation is almost same as X10.
• UPB supports over 64000 total addresses while X10 supports 256.
• The UPB works in the presence of CEBus, X10 and Lonworks equipments without any interference.

Specification UPB SUPPORT
Speed in bits/sec 480 bps
Speed in commands/sec 5 per second
Two way communication Supported
Central Controller Not required
Max. Loads 64000

UPB Protocol

Here UPB Pulse is generated on each half-cycle of the 60 Hz AC cycle. The concept of PPM (Pulse Position Modulation) is used and hence position of UPB pulse will determine its value to either 0/1/2/3.

In this technology each pulse can encode 2 bits of binary data. As there are total 120 AC half cycles in 1 second at the rate of 60Hz, UPB supports raw data rate of about 240bps.

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