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Tungsten Filament Lamp vs Fluorescent Tube-Difference between Tungsten Filament Lamp and Fluorescent Tube

This page on Tungsten Filament Lamp vs Fluorescent Tube mentions difference between Tungsten Filament Lamp and Fluorescent Tube.

Tungsten Filament Lamp Fluorescent Tube
It's light is close to the natural light. It's light is not close to natural light.
Actual colour can be judged. Actual colour can not be judged.
Initial cost is low. Initial cost is high.
Life is about 1000 Hrs. Life is about 4000 Hrs.
Maintenance cost is more. Maintenance cost is low.
Brightness is more. It's light is cool and pleasant.
Light output is reduced with time. It also reduces but very less.
Heat radiation loss is there. As the temperature is less, and hence less radiation.
Less Lumen output/watt. More Lumen output/watt (it is 40 lumen/watt).
Lumen efficiency is poor due to coloured glass etc. in case of coloured light. The colour of light depends upon the gas.
No stroboscopic effect. It has stroboscopic effect.


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