Triplexer basics | Difference between Diplexer and Triplexer

This page describes Triplexer basics including its definition.It mentions difference between diplexer and triplexer. The list of popular triplexer vendors with its features are also mentioned.

Introduction : We have seen, multiplexer which multiplexes or routes more than one signals at its input port to the output port based on selection lines. Demultiplexer does the reverse operation of the multiplexer i.e. it routes input data to one of its output ports based on selection lines. Both diplexer and triplexer works similar to multiplexer but it is designed in different way. Multiplexer uses separate feed points with individual paths at the input. The diplexer and triplexer uses common feed point with separate filters which is used to combine or split signals with good isolation between paths.

What is a triplexer?

RF Triplexer

Definition: The device having three input ports and one output port is known as triplexer. This is shown in the figure-1 above. The device which operates at radio frequency is known as RF triplexer. It is widely used in wireless communication systems including radar.

Triplexer application

The other similar devices include diplexer, quadplexer, quintplexer etc. They have similar construction and working operation except the number of input ports.

It allows combination and separation of signals in multiple wireless bands. The figure-2 depicts its operation in the design of DAS (distributed antenna system). As shown the system combines nine inputs to three distributed antenna feeds.

Triplexer is usually designed using passive techniques in order to minimize size and cost. It offers good isolation between ports and minimal insertion loss over individual paths. It offers good return loss at all the input and output ports.

Difference between diplexer and triplexer

Following points summarize difference between diplexer and triplexer.
➤Diplexer has two input ports and one output port. It is used to share single antenna between transmitter and receiver. It can also be used to make use of single RF antenna between two transmitters. Diplexer separates bands where as duplexer separates transmit and receiver frequencies within the same band. Diplexer uses filters in order to perform separation between bands. Diplexer provides low PIM ( Passive Intermodulation ) unlike duplexers. Also refer difference between Diplexer vs Duplexer for more information.
➤Triplexer has three input ports and one output port. It is used for many applications such as power combiner, power divider etc. It is used to connect three transmitters or three receivers with single RF antenna similar to diplexer.

Triplexer Vendors

Following table lists popular triplexer vendors with its respective features. This helps people to choose right triplexer for their need.

Popular Triplexers with Manufacturers and features

• One such Triplexer operates in frequency range from 820 to 2170 MHz.
• It offers lowest PIM with 10 Watt/port average power.
• It offers input isolation of 10 dB.
• It offers low insertion loss of less than 1.3 dB.
• It offers lower input VSWR.
Amphenol Procom, Denmark:

• The company offers triplexer in low-frequency, mid-frequency and high-frequency bands.
• They are available for various technologies such as UMTS, TETRA, FM.
• They support different frequency bands and can coaxist simultaneously without interfering with others.
NCG Company Inc.:

• The company offers various models.
• Model CFX-4310C supports 2M/440/1200 MHz bands.
• It offers good isolation of about 50 dB.
• Various connectors and cables options are available.

• The company offers diplexers and triplexers for various bands.
• One such triplexer model number FGDW5005S-3 supports GSM 900, GSM 1800 and UMTS technologies.
• It offers high isolation between bands and low level of insertion loss.
• They are very compact and low in weight.

• The company offers HF triplexer system.
• It uses BPFs (Band Pass Filters) to separate three input bands.
API Technologies Corp. :

• The offers custom triplexer filters as per various configurations.

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