What is THREAD?

This page covers everything about THREAD standard. It covers THREAD technology basics used in M2M and IoT(Internet of Things).

Following wireless home network requirements for connected devices lead to the development of new technology known as thread.
• Low Power
• Resilient (mesh network)
• IP based
• Open protocol
• secure and user friendly
• Fast time to market
• Existing radio silicon

The thread technology is mainly targetted for M2M and IoT market. It is based on existing 802.15.4 standard. A software upgrade to existing 802.15.4 products can add thread features.

THREAD basics in M2M and IoT

Thread protocol stack

Following are the silent features of Thread.
• Uses 6LoWPAN and carries IPv6 packets
• Runs on existing 802.15.4 silicon
• New security architecture introduced to support easy addition and removal of security products.

Figure depicts thread protocol stack which mentions layers added for this technology to exist. It supports many application layers including low bandwidth ones which runs over Ipv6 protocol.

This Thread technology is designed and developed to support following products to be used in the home.
• Security products
• Safety products
• Lighting products
• Energy management products
• climate control products
• Access control products
• Home or household appliances

Some of products which uses thread technology are as follows:
• CoAP and Smart Objects
• ZigBee Smart Energy 2.0

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