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Slat Array Antenna vs Tile Array Antenna | Difference between Slat Array Antenna and Tile Array Antenna

This page compares Slat Array Antenna vs Tile Array Antenna and mentions difference between Slat Array Antenna and Tile Array Antenna. The advantages and disadvanteges are also compared.

Both of these antenna types are used in the design of AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar. They are used for providing multi-beam capabilities to radar system.

Slat Array Antenna

Slat Array Antenna

The figure-1 depicts slat array antenna. It is composed of series of slats which are arranged perpendicularly to the face of array.

Following are the advantages of slar array antenna.
➨It provides large surface area to mount components and transmit/receive modules.
➨The thermal load gets distributed across large volume due to its architecture having large surface area across depth of slat.

Following are the disadvantages of slar array antenna.
➨Large number of RF boards are needed.
➨Lengthy cables are needed to cover requirements in RF, DC and control sections on the slats.
➨Cost increases due to above requirements.

Tile Array Antenna

Tile Array Antenna

The figure-2 depicts tile array antenna. It is composed of array of layers which are arranged in parallel to the face. Here antenna and beamforming modules are mounted together in single multi-layer board along with transmit/receive modules on back side of the board.

Following are the advantages of slar array antenna.
➨The surface area in this approach is reduced to great extent compare to slat array antenna.
➨This approach reduces number of cables and connectors required.
➨Costs of this antenna array is much less compare to above antenna due to large scale production and simple soldering technique. It achieves 5 times reduction in cost with same specifications compare to slat antenna array.

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