STAR vs MESH-Difference between STAR network and MESH network

This page compares Star vs Mesh network topologies and mentions tabular difference between Star network and Mesh network.

We will understand star and mesh topologies with respect to UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).

STAR network topology

The figure depicts single star topology network configuration. As shown each UAV is directly connected to the Ground station.

The other configuration is multi-star configuration in which UAVs form multiple star configurations. In this type, one node from each star topology group connects with ground station.

Star topology offers higher latency but its operation depends ground station.


MESH network topology

There are two types of Mesh topologies viz. flat mesh (as shown in figure) and hierarchical mesh. In Flat mesh type, all the nodes are interconnected and one node will be connected to the ground station. In hierarchical mesh configuration, there will be several mesh groups and each mesh group will be at different hierarchy. One node from mesh group at lowest hierarchy will be connected to the ground station.

Mesh topology type are flexible, reliable and more secure compare to star topology.

Tabular difference between Star network and Mesh network

Following table mentions difference between Star network and Mesh network topology types.

STAR Network MESH Network
• Point to Point Connection between nodes • Multi-point to multi-point connection between nodes
• Infrastructure based • Infrastructure or Ad hoc based
• Central control point is present • Infrastructure based will have control center where as Ad hoc based does not have it.
• It is not self configuring. • It is self configuring.
• Single hop from node to central point • Multi hop communication
• Devices or nodes can not move freely. • In Ad hoc mode, devices are autonomous and free to move.
• In Infrastructure mode, movement of nodes are restricted around the control center.
• Links between nodes and central control points can be configured. • Inter node links are intermittent.
• Nodes communicate via control center. • Nodes relay traffic for other nodes on the path.

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