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Radar Classification | Radar Types

This page describes Radar classification or types. The radar types are classified based on frequency, waveform, PRF Pulse and Applications.

As shown in the figure, radar is classified into following four categories:
• Frequency
• Waveform
• PRF Pulse
• Application

Radar Classification

Frequency based radar types

Following are the radar types based on frequency bands:
• HF Band Radars
• VHF and UHF band radars
• L-Band Radars
• S-Band Radars
• C-Band Radars
• X-Band Radars
• Ku,K,Ka Band Radars
• Infrared, Visible light band radars

Waveform Based radar classification

Following are the radar types based on waveform:
• Unmodulated CW radar
• Modulated CW radar
• Gated CW pulsed radar
• Complex waveform pulsed radars

PRF Based radar types-LPRF Radar and HPRF Radar

Following radar classification is based on PRF:

• LPRF Radar:The LPRF radar stands for Low Pulse Repetition Frequency Radar. It is very useful to determine target range.

• HPRF Radar:The HPRF radar stands for High Pulse Repetition Frequency Radar. It is also known as pulse doppler radar. It is useful to measure doppler shift. It is not used for any kind of range measurement.

Application based radar classification

Following are the radar types based on their applications of use:
• Search radars (surface, air)
• Warning radars such as weather forecast radars
• Spacecraft detection radars
• Fire control radars
• Ground mapping radars
• Air to Surface radars
• Sea surface radar
• Ground moving target search radars
• Tracking radar
• Range radar
• velocity search radar


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