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ROSA vs TOSA | What is ROSA and TOSA in fiber optical network

This page explains basics of terms ROSA and TOSA with respect to fiber optical network.

ROSA-Receiver Optical Sub Assembly

ROSA is the short form of Receiver Optical Sub Assembly. It is basically a component which is used to receive optical signal in fiber optic system.

The ROSA consists of photodiode device which converts light into electrical signal.

The ROSA assembly include electrical connection points which allow user to have access on electrical signal.
Refer Photodiode➤ for more information.

Figure depicts ROSA and TOSA assembly from CyOptics designs operating at 40 Gbps.

ROSA TOSA assembly

TOSA-Transmission Optical Sub Assembly

TOSA is the short form of Transmission Optical Sub Assembly. It is basically a component which is used to transmit optical signal in fiber optic network system.

The TOSA consists of laser device or LED device which converts electrical signal into light.

The TOSA assembly include optical as well as electrical connection points. This connection will help user to apply electrical signal to control the laser device. It also help to direct light from laser device onto optical fiber system.
Refer LED and Laser➤ for more information.

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