RF skin tightening

Microwave frequencies are extensively used in medical applications due to less harmful effects than other methods(radioactive, X-ray) and improved focussing devices(dielectric lens) available to help heat the specific body parts. The most common therapeutic applicators are diathermy and hyperthermia.

Biological substances (e.g. bone,muscle,fat,skin) behave as conductive or lossy dielectrics. Hence microwave energy directed to the body can be scattered,reflected or absorbed based on RF energy(frequency/field strength), body dimensions and skin thickness. When applying microwave or RF over the substance, temperature sensor is used to track the temperature of the microwave energy being applied. Another technique which is also widely used in medical domain is RF ablation. The technique refers to removal of tissue using RF(Radio Frequency). In RF ablation, heat is generated using application of high frequency radio frequency waves.

At old age skin becomes loose or sagging. Hence to look young many people go for RF skin tightening techniques. The treatment of the cost depends on treatment area and type of equipment used. The technique is employed mainly to treat wrinkles from cheek, forehead and neck muscles.There is no pain and patient only feel little warmth.

RF energy used to do this task is capable of removing fat and help tighten the skin. This is because RF energy go deep into the body and burn any fat and hence the part of body gets embossed.

There are numerous tissue tightening devices available in the medical domain. Few of them are outlined below:
• ThermaCool is a one such monopolar RF device.
• The Polaris and ReFirme from Syneron, Yokneam,Israel.
• Aluma from Lumenis,Santa Clara,California.
• Accent XL,Alma Lasers,Buffalo Grove,Illinois.

RF skin tightening procedure

RF skin tightening

Patients with treatment areas such as cheek, brow, lower lid, jawline laxity are considered for the treatment as per RF skin tightening method. Figure depicts patients before and after the treatment for lower neck. Following procedure is followed for skin tightening using high frequency radio frequency waves.

➤The area to be treated is partitioned into 10cm X 10cm or smaller zones.

➤Each zone is treated before treatment of the next zone.

➤Facetite hand device is moved over the soft tissue to be tightened.

➤Following two steps are followed.

1.) First hand piece is kept at one place for about 1 to 2 seconds depending upon fat and thickness of skin until audible sound is heard. This is done for one zone and similarly all zones are covered.
2.)Next FaceTile applicator is moved over through the same tissue again until temperature of about 38 to 42 degeeC is attained. Using this step lax skin will be treated.

Above method is crucial to achieve the desired satisfactory results in the RF skin tightening procedure.

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