RF remote

The electronic device used to remotely control TV, VCR, DVD player, music system, video games, car locking system and other wireless gadgets in the home is called Radio Frequency Remote i.e. RF Remote.

It works on radio frequencies of 315MHz, 434MHz or 868MHz. The distance of about 100feet is covered by such remote devices

RF remote

Modulation techniques such as ASK,FSK and OOK is most commonly u sed here in such remore devices.

Infrared remotes also work on the similar principal but here signal is on/off with pulsed frequency of about 38 kHz. Figure shows RF remote used for controlling the TV(Television).

RF remotes are available for various applications as mentioned for controlling the wireless devices operating at various radio frequencies at ease of comfort.

Now-a-days even consumer electronic devices such as air-conditioners, fans, lights, electric meters are also remotely controlled using zigbee enabled remote gadgets. Figure depicts infrared remote device.

RF Remote vs IR Remote

Following are some of the comparison benefits of RF remote vs IR remote:
•  Better user experience, with RF remote user need not have to be in the same room where electronic are available. This is because RF signal can penetrate the walls, doors and furnitures.
•  wider radio coverage
•  With RF remote one can have 2-way communication possible.
•  RF technology along with Zigbee RF4CE standard will bring low cost devices in the market to compete with IR remote control devices.

RF remote manufacturers

Following are reputed RF remote manufacturers:
•  Kul Systems
•  RFsolutions.in Technologies,INDIA
•  RF Solutions Ltd, UK
•  Silicon Laboratories, Inc.
•  Greenpeak Technologies, {Green RF remote control}
•  Infrared Remote Solutions, Inc. {IR remote control}
•  Logitech

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