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This page of RF Wireless World site covers RF Bug Detector or Wireless Bug Detector.

Definition: The device used to detect nearby RF or wireless spy devices is known as bug detector or RF signal detector. Bug detector can detect spy cameras, microphones and/or GPS devices.

It alerts the user about nearby bugs or spy devices if any. It can be used by intelligence agencies, military, criminals as well as individuals. It comes in small portable equipment having display.

How RF Bug detector Works

RF bug detector

Let us understand how rf/wireless bug detector works:
• It is a RF receiver which does not decode the signals picked up from nearby spy RF/wireless devices.
• As soon as it receives the strong RF frequency, it sounds alarm. It works effectively by moving the bug detector in the suspected area or location.
Figure-1 depicts one such RF/wireless bug detector. It looks similar to walkie-talkie but unlike walkie-talkie it functions just as RF receiver. Walkie-talkie functions both as transmitter and receiver.

RF Bug detectors are available which detects bluetooth, WLAN and cellular products also.

Types of Bug Detectors

As we know spying technology uses both audio and video based equipments, but operates on radio frequency. There are different types of bug detectors to detect these different types of spying equipments viz. audio bug detector, video bug detector and GPS bug detector.

Audio bug detector: It detects presence of audio equipments. It detects RF frequency in the range between 1 to 3 MHz.
Video bug detector: It detects presence of video equipments. It operates in 5 to 10 MHz range.
GPS bug detector: It detects presence of GPS devices. GPS bug detector operates at GPS frequencies. The entire GPS system works using constellation of GPS system.
Refer GPS basic tutorial for more information.


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