RF filter Shape Factor vs Bandwidth-difference between Shape Factor and Bandwidth

This page compares RF filter Shape Factor vs Bandwidth and mentions difference between RF Filter Shape Factor and Bandwidth.

RF filter shape factor and bandwidth

Shape Factor

• It indicates selectivity of the filter.
• It is the ratio of filter's response at 60 dB to response at 6 dB attenuation as shown in the figure.
• RF Filter shape factor can be expressed by following equation.
• RF Filter Shape Factor = (F4-F1)/(F3-F2)
• Lower the value of shape factor steeper the response of the rf filter.


• Frequency range around center frequency over which filter can be used efficiently and effectively is known as bandwidth.
• Frequencies above and below the center frequency at which response fall down by 3 dB with reference to center frequency indicates upper and lower limits of filter bandwidth. • RF Filter Bandwidth can be expressed by following equation.
• Bandwidth = F2-F1, Here Fc is center frequency.

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