Difference between Optical Return Loss vs Optical Insertion Loss

This page on Optical Return Loss vs Optical Insertion Loss explains difference between Optical Return Loss and Insertion loss with respect to fiber optic system.

Optical Return Loss:
It is the ratio of reflected power to the incident power from any point of fiber optic system or fiber link.

It is expressed as follows:
Optical Return Loss (ORL): 10* Log (Pi/Pr)
Pi = Incident Power
Pr = Reflected Power

Optical Insertion Loss:
It is the loss incurred to the optical signal, when it is passed through the optical device or any portion of fiber cable.

It is expressed as follows:
Optical Insertion Loss = Power Input to the device (in dB) - Power Output from the device (in dB).

It is measured by measuring optical output power by feeding the optical input power to the optical device or fiber cable.

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