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MOST25 vs MOST50 vs MOST150-Difference between MOST25,MOST50 and MOST150

This page compares MOST25 vs MOST50 vs MOST150 and mentions difference between MOST25, MOST50 and MOST150 interface bus types used in automotive market

• MOST is the short form of Media Oriented Systems Transport.
• It is high speed networking technology developed for automotive market.
• The technology can be applied both inside as well as outside the vehicle such as car.
• It can be used to transport audio/voice/data/video signals over plastic optical fiber.
• MOST serial bus uses ring type topology for connection between devices. About 64 maximum devices can be connected on ring network.
• The communication over MOST bus is synchronous.
Let us understand key difference between MOST25, MOST50 and MOST150 serial bus types.

MOST25 Bus

Following are the features of MOST25 Bus:
• Bandwidth: 23 MBaud
• Transmission: Synchronous for streaming, Asynchronous for data
• Physical layer: Optical, Copper
• Audio Channels: 15 uncompressed with CD quality sound
• Audio/Video channels: 15 MPEG-1 channels, each used 4 bytes.
• Separate control channel available

MOST50 Bus

Following are the features of MOST50 Bus:
• Bandwidth: Double than MOST25.
• Frame length: 1024 bits
• control channel, 2 data channels (1 for streaming and 1 for packet) are same as MOST25 bus.
• Support optical as well as electrical physical layers.

MOST150 Bus

Following are the features of MOST150 Bus:
• Bandwidth: six times compare to MOST25.
• Frame length: 3072 bits
• Used to implement ethernet physical layer in automotive industry.
• Channels: ethernet channel with bandwidth adjustable, 3 channels (e.g. control chl, stream data chl, packet data chl)
• It supports isochronous transfer over synchronous channel.

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