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Difference between MIMO vs Coordinated Multipoint(CoMP)

CoMP i.e. Coordinated multipoint is variant of MIMO technique. Following are the merits of CoMP technique over traditional MIMO technique.

•  Performance improvement of high data rate system
•  Improvement in cell edge throughput
•  Improvement in system throughput both in low/high load scenarios

CoMP Coordinated Multipoint

Figure describes difference between traditional MIMO downlink spatial multiplexing with coordinated multipoint (CoMP) technique.

In coordinated multipoint (CoMP), the transmitters need not be physically co-located.The same is described by eNB1 transmitter and eNB2 transmitter. In MIMO, both the transmitters are colocated physically.

Both eNB1 and eNB2 are interfaced with high speed data connection and the same is shown by line connecting eNB1 and eNB2. This line carry payload data.

CoMP enables coordinated scheduling as well as beamforming from two or more physically separated locations.


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