LoRa vs Zigbee | Difference between LoRa and Zigbee

This page compares LoRa vs Zigbee and mentions difference between LoRa and Zigbee. Links to Lora tutorial and Zigbee tutorial are also mentioned.

Specifications LoRa Zigbee
Frequency Bands 863 to 870 MHz, 902 to 928 MHz, 779 to 787 MHz 868MHz, 915 MHz, 2450 MHz
Coverage distance 2-5 Km (urban areas), 15 Km ( suburban areas ) 10 to 100 meters
Power consumption lower compare to zigbee low
Modulation technique LoRa modulation (CSS modulation) , FSK or GFSK BPSK, OQPSK modulation. Also uses DSSS technique to convert bits to chips.
Data rate 0.3 to 22 Kbps (LoRa modulation) and 100 Kbps (using GFSK) 20 kbps (868 MHz band ) , 40Kbps (915 MHz band ) , 250 kbps (2450 MHz band)
Network Architecture LoRa network architecture
Consists of LoRa Gateway, servers and end devices.
zigbee network fig
Consists of coordinator, routers and end devices.
Frame Structure LoRa Frame in class-A,class-B,class-C
LoRaWAN PHY Payload
generic zigbee frame structure
Protocol stack LoRa protocol stack
Consists of RF, PHY, MAC, application layers
zigbee protocol stack
Consists of RF, PHY, MAC, network and security, application layers.
Physical Layer Uses modulation scheme as mentioned above and incorporates error correction capabilities, It adds preamble for synchronization purpose, It uses PHY header CRC as well as entire frame CRC. There are two physical layers viz. 868/915 Mhz (uses BPSK, raised cosine pulse shaping) , and 2450 MHz (uses OQPSK, half sine wave pulse shaping )
Applications used as Wide Area Network used as LR-WPAN i.e. low rate wireless personal area network
Advantages, disadvantages LoRa advantages and disadvantages>> Zigbee advantages and disadvantages>>
Standard/Alliance IEEE 802.15.4g, LoRa Alliance IEEE 802.15.4 (defines PHY and MAC), Zigbee Alliance (defines network, security and application layers)

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