What is Lissajous figures

This page covers Lissajous figures and mention CRO setup to obtain Lissajous figures.

As we know Oscilloscope or CRO is a basic instrument used to study various types of waveforms. It is capable to generate graph of following:
• Input Signal versus time (i.e. Voltage-Time Mode)
• X-Y Mode

Oscilloscope basics, types➤

Besides displaying time varying signal, CRO can display input signal rather than time base on the horizontal axis. This set up is referred as XY mode due to the fact that both X axis and Y axis are tracing input voltage.

The resulting waveform due to XY arrangement of two periodic signals having different periods is known as Lissajous Pattern.

From the shape of Lissajous pattern displayed on CRO screen, one can determine information about relative phases of signals and frequency ratio of signals too.

CRO setup to obtain Lissajous figures

Lissajous figure measurement using CRO

Figure-1 depicts Lissajous figure obtained on CRO using two sinusoidal voltages having frequency ratio of 2:1.

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