LTE-M Frequency Bands | LTE-M Bands 2,3,4,5,8,12,13,20,28

This page covers LTE-M frequency bands which include LTE-M bands 2,3,4,5,8,12,13,20,28. The LTE-M bands are highlighted in bold in the table. The LTE-M Transceivers are developed in appropriate LTE-M frequency bands as per LTE-M deployment countries.

LTE Bands including LTE-M frequency bands

Following table-1 mentions LTE bands including LTE-M bands used along with FDD duplex topology. Uplink refers to signal from UE (i.e. LTE-M device) to eNB and downlink refers to signal from eNB to LTE-M device (i.e. UE). Refer LTE-M tutorial which describes basic features of LTE-M technology including its architecture, frame, stack, channels and so on.

LTE Frequency Band UL Frequency Range(MHz) DL Frequency Range(MHz)
Band 1 1920-1980 2110-2170
Band 2 1850-1910 1930-1990
Band 3 1710-1785 1805-1880
Band 4 1710-1755 2110-2155
Band 5 824-849 869-894
Band 6 830-840 875-885
Band 7 2550-2570 2620-2690
Band 8 880-915 925-960
Band 9 1749.9-1784.9 1844.9-1879.9
Band 10 1710-1770 2110-2170
Band 11 1427.9-1447.9 1475.9-1495.9
Band 12 699-716 729-746
Band 13 777-787 746-756
Band 14 788-798 758-768
Band 15 Reserved Reserved
Band 16 Reserved Reserved
Band 17 704-716 734-746
Band 18 815-830 860-875
Band 19 830-845 875-890
Band 20 832-862 791-821
Band 21 1447.9-1462.9 1495.9-1510.9
Band 22 3410-3490 3510-3590
Band 23 2000-2020 2180-2200
Band 24 1626.5-1660.5 1525-1559
Band 25 1850-1915 1930-1995
Band 28 703 to 748 758 to 803

Also refer LTE frequency bands >> which mentions LTE frequency bands in TDD topology.

LTE-M deployment countries

Following table mentions LTE-M deployment countries where LTE-M has been deployed along with operator. In some of these countries NB-IoT has also been deployed along with LTE-M. Refer LTE NB-IoT Bands and deployment countries >> for more information.

LTE-M operators LTE-M deployment Countries
AIS Thailand
America Movil Mexico
APTG, Chunghwa Telecom Taiwan, Province of china
AT & T Mexico, USA
BEll, Rogers, Telus Canada
Dialog Axiata Sri Lanka
Etisalat UAE
KDDI Corporation, NTT DOCOMO, Softbank Japan
Korea Telecom South Korea
KPN, Verizon The Netherlands
Orange France , Romania
SingTel Singapore
Spark, verizon New Zealand
Swisscom Switzerland
Telecom Italia Argentina
Telefonica Brazil, Germany
Telenor Denmark, Norway
Telstra Australia
Turkcell Turkey
Verizon North America

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