LTE DCI(Downlink Control Information) Formats

This page describes LTE DCI(downlink control information) formats which include DCI-0, DCI-1, DCI-1A, DCI-1B, DCI-1C, DCI-1D, DCI-2, DCI-2A, DCI-3 and LTE DCI-3A.

LTE DCI Format Use case
LTE DCI-0 uplink scheduling assignment
DCI-1 downlink scheduling for 1 PDSCH codeword(SISO/SIMO modes)
DCI-1A Compact version of format 1 scheduling for 1 PDSCH codeword or Dedicated preamble assignment to initiate random access
DCI-1B very compact DL scheduling for 1 PDSCH code-word used in MIMO mode No.6
DCI-1C Very compact DL scheduling for paging OR system information
LTE DCI-1D Compact DL(Downlink) scheduling for 1 PDSCH code-word including MIMO precoding+power offset information needed for Multi-User MIMO
DCI-2 DL Scheduling assignment for MIMO including closed loop spatial multiplexing
DCI-2A DL scheduling assignment for MIMO including open loop spatial multiplexing
LTE DCI-3 transmit power control(TPC) information for PUCCH/PUSCH with 2 bit power adjustment value
DCI-3A TPC information for PUCCH/PUSCH with 1 bit power adjustment

LTE DCI Contents

Following dropdown selection will help browse through all the LTE DCI format contents. It includes LTE DCI-0, DCI-1, DCI-1A, DCI-1B, DCI-1C, DCI-1D, DCI-2,DCI-2A, DCI-3 and LTE DCI-3A.


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