HiFi vs WiFi,Difference between HiFi and WiFi,High Fidelity

This page compares HiFi vs WiFi describes difference between HiFi (high fidelity) and WiFi technologies. HiFi stands for High Fidelity and WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity.

HiFi refers to high quality sound produced using high fidelity sound equipments. In other words it means high quality re-production of sound. These Hi-Fi equipments will have minimal noise and distortion and accurate gain versus frequency response.

Following are the key requirements to achieve HiFi (High Fidelity) System:
Speakers: In order to obtain high quality speakers should produce the sound as exactly as how it has been recorded. To achieve this speakers have been developed with high quality materials, exotic enclosures to reduce resilience, mechanical noise and interference.
Amplifier:It should have high quality power supply. Cables and connectors should be of high quality shielding.
➨Hi-Fi system units such as tape deck, amplifier and /or turntable will pick up RF (Radio Frequency) interference. This RFI should be eliminated to obtain high quality audio output using HiFi system. There are three methods to curb the RF interference viz. earthing, filtering and shielding.

HiFi-High Fidelity System

HiFi vs WiFi-Difference between HiFi and WiFi

• There is absolutely no difference between these two similar looking terms.
• HiFi is releated to transmission of high quality audio using one of the transmission mediums such as fiber optic, USB or wireless (using WiFi).
• On the other hand, WiFi refers to technology related to WLAN standards (e.g. IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ad). Refer What is WLAN and MiFi vs WiFi for more information.

HiFi-High Fidelity Applications

• TVs • Speakers • Smartphones • Tablets • Headphones • streaming • portable devices such as radio set • digital TV boxes • Games consoles • CD players • Amplifiers • Home-Cinema etc.

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